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I was in a car accident in 1999 while intoxicated in which I received a felony charge. I changed my life that day never to drink again, however a felony charge as we all know never leaves your record. I met a man by the name of Barry Gerald Sands one day and told him my situation. He told me he could represent me to get it reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed off my record. I quickly jumped to the opportunity as this felony charge was riding me very heavy day in and day out. Mr. Sands went to battle for me fighting to clear my name from this felony charge. He is Very Professional, Quick, Punctual, and extremely Honest. The judge dropped the felony charge and dismissed the case. I am extremely Thankful for God putting Mr. Barry Gerald Sands in my path. I meet a friend for life. I have had many sleepless nights over this felony charge that happened over 16 years ago and now I can rest. Mr. Sands is the best Criminal attorney in the Coachella Valley and he comes very highly recommended. This Attorney knows his job and it shows in his work professionalism and attitude towards his client. If you have a criminal need Mr. Sands is definitely the Attorney you want on your side. Marijuanda DUI experience!